Project EntreComp 360: Promoting Initiative and Engagement across Sectors

Project period: 09/2019 – 12/2022

This project is supporting actors in all sectors of the lifelong learning system to enhance the development, validation and recognition of the entrepreneurship key competence across lifelong learning. It will do this by creating the Entrepreneurship360 platform as a one-stop-shop to provide guidance, collate tools, share practice, learn through online training and connect those working onthe practical implementation of the EU framework EntreComp into learning and work.

The EntreComp Competency Framework: The Competence Dimensions


The project will Mobilise engagement across lifelong learning to understand the relevance of EntreComp. It will connect practitioners and organisations interested in or actively using the EntreComp framework. Furthermore, it will empower learning organisations and practitioners to use EntreComp as a tool to drive entrepreneurial learning design, assessment and recognition.

How-to guides and MOOCs on the potential of EntreComp for emerging areas of potential are supporting organizations, educators or learners in a tailored way.

The project involves partners from across lifelong learning sectors, and this will drive active engagement with networks from formal education, youth and non-formal sector, employers/business and start-up support organisations.

DARE will include the perspective of Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education. We are glad to be part of the project consortium, as we perceive big intersections between the EntreComp framework and EDC/HRE. For instance civic engagement, creativity and proactivity are relevant key competences for democracy learning. In particular DARE will in this collaboration take care about the implementation of four guides, organize a multiplier event and host a partner meeting for this very inspiring cross-sectoral consortium.


EntreComp Community – an online platform – It will act as the hub of the project, bringing together all actions and resources as a one-stop shop for EntreComp development in Europe, and being a central point for engagement and consultation with EntreComp users.

Four Entrepreneurship360 Guides: Development of as visual and written resources, in particular to support emerging areas of the platform and bringing together all the deliverables for the engaged participants. Three pre-identified to be on themes of EntreComp for Employers, EntreComp for Youth Work , EntreComp for assessment and certification/recognition – these and fourth one to be confirmed through user-consultation.

Entrepreneurship360 Toolbox – Collated practical tools, how-to guides and inspiring practices to support implementation of EntreComp into education, youth, employment and business.

More information on the initiative:


for DARE: Nils-Eyk Zimmermann, Ramon Martinez


The project includes partners from, and will actively engage with wider networks of practitioners and organisations from, formal education, youth organisations, employers and business/start-up. This project will drive the implementation of EntreComp as a tool for lifelong learning sectors to place a focus on the transversal skills needed in the modern workforce – addressing skills gaps and mismatches to support social inclusion and economic growth.

  • Haskoli Islands (University of Iceland; Lead) (IS)
  • Bantani Education (BE)
  • Consorzio Materahub Industrie Culturali e Creative (IT)
  • Innogate to Europe SL (ES)
  • The Women’s Organisation Ltd (UK)
  • Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (BE)
  • Not a Bad Idea Ltd. (FI)

The project is supported in the framework of the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission (Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education).