Guide: How can EntreComp support Women’s Entrepreneurship?

Created in the project EntreComp 360, coordinated by Haskoli Island, supported
by the European Union. With contributions of Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe, Haskoli Island, Bantani Education, Consorzio Materahub Industrie Culturali e Creative, Innogate to Europe SL, The Women’s Organisation Ltd , and Not a Bad Idea Ltd.

Editors: Lisa Mc Mullan (The Women’s Organisation) and Candice Astorino (Bantani Education); Editor of the EntreComp 360 guides: Nils-Eyk Zimmermann (DARE network), Reykjavík/Liverpool, 2022


Facilitating Women’s Entrepreneurship

The EntreComp Competence Framework is one of several such frameworks that describe in more detail the EU’s Key Competences for Lifelong Learning and provide guidance to educators in developing and implementing high-quality learning opportunities. However, the debate on competences and the appropriation of competence frameworks mostly focuses on national curricula and formal education. At the same time, a significant amount of learning opportunities that synthesise knowledge, skills and attitudes and thus strengthen learners’ competences are organised outside these formal educational organisations.

In particular, the scene advocating for women’s empowerment in entrepreneurship exemplifies how education is linked to impact.

This Guide has been produced as part of the EntreComp 360 Erasmus+ project
(2019-2022). It builds on companion documents that provide further guidance and information on how EntreComp, and competency frameworks generally, can support nonformal learning and youth empowerment, and how EntreComp can support assessment and or recognition in formal and non-formal learning in entrepreneurship

What’s inside?

  • Women’s Entrepreneurship and EntreComp
  • How EntreComp Can Support
  • Examples: EntreComp at Work
  • Other Examples of Activities and Projects