Competendo – The Digital Toolbox for Civic Education

Competendo is committed to develop better learning spaces for civic competences and empowerment. The toolbox offers and shares experience, methods and inspiration for competency based learning in communities, schools, organizations, and non-formal groups or institutions.

Our mission is to build a bridge between the theoretical dimension of Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE), the societal impact and quality dimension of education (in particular of non-formal education) and the concrete practice in the field of EDC/HRE.

We are making concrete methodology accessible and helping with the planning of trainings and empowerment programs. Also those facilitators and educators are in our focus who have less experience or are less involved in the European and national discourses on non-formal education or competency development. Because we believe, that innovative competency centered education is following a bottom-up approach. Change starts with empowering facilitators.

Competendo as a Mobile App

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Increasing the Recognition and Visibility of Open Materials

Competendo collates also inspiring practice and materials from all over the world published in English language. Also our handbooks are published here for free use. In this sense, Competendo is aiming to increase the visibility and recognition of Open Educational Resources and other open accessible materials developed in many projects and by many passioned authors around Europe and beyond.

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DARE is since 2020 the home address for the Competendo project. Since 2021 Competendo is also part of the DIGIT-AL project, Digital Transformation in Adult Learning for Active Citizenship, supported by the European Union in the framework of the program Erasmus+ (KA2 Adult Learning). The project was initiated in 2015 by the DARE member organisation MitOst e. V. (DE) in cooperation with SKORO (PL), Ideas Factory (BG), Südwind (AT) and Working Between Cultures (DE) in an Erasmus + Key Action 2 (Youth) project.


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