Project: Focus Group Competencies for Democratic Culture

The Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competencies for Democratic Culture (RFCDC) was adopted in 2017 and is setting standards for Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education in schools. For the NECE network DARE is organizing a focus group aiming to mainstream the framework, together with polis – The Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools and AdB – Association of German Educational Organisations.

Publication: The Reference Framework in the Non-formal Educational Sector

The publication of the project group can be downloaded here.


  • Teaser Workshop in Marseille in the context of the NECE Conference 2018
  • Kick-off in Vienna in Vienna on 4 and 5 February 2019
  • Contributing to the NECE Conference 2019 October 24-27 in Glasgow
  • Public relations and networking – through the NECE Newsletter.
  • Possible involvement of focus group members in piloting a Teacher Reflection Tool on the RFCDC, which is being developed by the Council of Europe.

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Project SemiFit: Seminars for Intercultural Trainers in Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

SemiFit is a series of fora for experienced trainers in Human Rights Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship. It aims to create a space for experienced trainers from different fields to exchange competences (VASK: Values, Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge) and experience on the different domains of intercultural trainings.

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Project TEVIP: Transforming European Values into Practice

The project aimed to develop educational tools that allow to learn something about the so called “European Values”. What is a value and what makes it European? Seems to be an easy question, but while trying to answer, we realize that its actually more difficult the more we think about it. Especially this happens in a Europe, where a common understanding across the member states becomes even less feasible. Between 2017 and 2020 the #TEVIP partners worked on this question and developed educational tools.

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STEPS Project – Survival Toolkit: Populism, radicalisation and the response of education

2017/2018 DARE members work on the question how education could respond on current political trends such as populism or post-truth. We discuss these issues from an organisational perpective, taking into account the shrinking spaces for civil society, but as well on the level of concrete pedagogical work.

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Engage – Building together European learning material on Citizenship Education

A project which exemplary study policies, frames, settings and conditions for citizenship education with children aged 8 to 12 in six European countries Besides identifying policy frames, approaches, concepts and existing practice the project aims at supporting educational staff with exemplary materials which support interactive, fun, innovative, multilingual democratic learning.

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Democracy and Human Rights In Adult Learning (Grundtvig network 2003-2006)

The DARE network was successfully established by support of the EU Socrates program as GRUNDTVIG network from 2003-2006.

The fund enabled the participating organisations for developing common working groups on policy and for the exchange of pedagogical concepts with the ambition to support the European cooperation of Adult learning organisations in EDC/HRE work and foster the dialogue on European policy development for the sector.

During 2005 the European NECE conference was organised in Berlin with DARE as partner.