Project: DIGIT-AL – Digital Transformation in Adult Learning for Active Citizenship

Project period: 09/2019-01/2022

The digital transformation is challenging the European citizens in multiple ways: As employees at our workspace, as learners of all ages, or as conscious, self-responsible, and democratic citizens. Digital transformation in its effects relates to vast aspects of peoples everyday life. Therefore, the project identifies approaches, topics and tools, how to include and address the thematic field of digital transformation in adult education.

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Competent Citizens in the Focus

Digital competence should enable people to approach these challenges. Adult education for Active Citizenship has a crucial role to play as it supports learners to develop these competences and to participate in society as democratic and confident citizens. However the field of Adult Education has to deal increasingly with an audience/target group which is more and more in a position of exposed to the transformation while not being sufficiently equipped to understand digital transformation in its aspects to democracy, and society.

Understanding the Bigger Picture

Such to develop digital competence goes far beyond media literacy and critical thinking development but pre-requires also a field of Adult Education which itself is confident and able to understand and develop learning concepts that address the democratic challenges and dimensions relating to digital transformation in its full range. Above all stands the belief: It’s the citizen who should design the social change and making use of new technology, not vice versa.

In particular Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education have a potential which our project DIGIT-AL explores and aims to activate. In cross-sectoral collaboration we deliver two handbooks, an app and policy recommendations.

Some Facts about Digital Transformation

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Outcome of the Project

  • A reader on digital transformation as a specific and transversal topic in adult education: this publication explores the horizon of digital transformation and its connection to the practice of Adult Learning for democratic citizenship
  • A handbook for educators: Digital competence: What is it? Through what kind of approaches and practices adult learners might gain it and what kind of digital competence adult educators need to develop
  • Policy Recommendations targeting at premises of competence frameworks, Adult Education policies in Europe related to digital transformation and learning for democratic citizenship
  • An app to support adult educators in their learning settings with concrete and easy adaptable info and concepts for targeting digital transformation in their learning settings



For DARE: Ramon Martinez, Elisa Rapetti


  • Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten AdB e.V. (DE) (Coordinator)
  • Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (BE)
  • Partners Bulgaria Foundation (BG)
  • Rede Inducar, CRL (PT)
  • Education Development Center (LV)
The project is supported in the framework of the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission (Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult Education). Project Number: 2019-1-DE02-KA204-006421

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