Engage – Building together European learning material on Citizenship Education

A project which exemplary study policies, frames, settings and conditions for citizenship education with children aged 8 to 12 in six European countries Besides identifying policy frames, approaches, concepts and existing practice the project aims at supporting educational staff with exemplary materials which support interactive, fun, innovative, multilingual democratic learning.


Learning democracy with children aged 8-12 – Vol. I

Learning democracy with children aged 8-12 – Vol. II: Handbook for Educators


  • Germany: AdB – Association of German educational Organisations
  • Austria: zentrum polis – Politik Lernen in der Schule
  • Belgium: DARE network – Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
  • Spain: CIVES Foundation
  • France: CIDEM, La Ligue de l’enseignement Bourgogne
  • Poland: CEO – Center for Citizenship Education
  • United Kingdom: Volunteering Matters

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