Project: Empowering SSYS Youth Promoters and Youth Trainers in Timor-Leste

The vision behind the Timor-Leste youth policy strategy formulated in 2007 and re-formulated in 2017 is “to live in a society where young men and women have access to education, health, vocational courses, and are endowed with the moral values of citizenship for a responsible and healthy life. Under the current conditions, a weak economy and public infrastructure and relatively low expenditures for education (116 in the world), it is clear, that this vision can only be put into practice with the active contribution of the youth itself, involving as citizens, creating social capital, where economic capital is not yet available for structural funding. Involving means in this context, co-creating learning spaces for active citizenship, a peaceful and a healthy life in a self-responsible way, where youth might develop the necessary competencies important for their further development. In particular the youth has an important role to play, since East Timor is a country with a growing young population (32 of the world) and high birth rates (27 of the world; CIA The World Factbook).

Competences for Democratic Engagement in the Focus

The program focuses on the aspects of active citizenship, democratic values and peace. It is aiming to address the competences of the youth understood as knowledge, skills and attitudes and aiming to create a learning setting where these can be addressed in a holistic way – by learning cooperatively with other like-minded youth, in challenges tackling personal competency development, or in the society as youth trainers or youth promoters. The programme is developed inline with the efforts of Timor-Leste’s State Secretariate for Youth and Sports (SSYS) to support youth work and youth participation.

Youth Promoters

A concept that includes youth, young people involved in organizations, associations and social movements and youth leaders of local, regional or online communities, motivated to make an impact in their societies. With regards to the YP profiles, the project aims at the following qualifications: Through the process the Youth Promoters are enabled for a basic understanding of individual learning and empowerment processes, focus on the development of a proactive attitude towards social challenges, peer understanding of guidance and support. They are becoming aware of youth participation, practising civil engagement and creating activities in order to tackle social challenges and problems in their community, together with other peers in line with the idea of democratic citizenship

Youth Trainers

Are practitioners with experience in youth work, non-formal education, facilitation of group work and dialogue, motivated to support the Network of Youth Promoters in their actions. Concerning the YT profiles, the project aims at the following qualifications: At the end of the process, the Youth Trainers have developed a medium understanding of individual learning, empowerment and mentoring processes. In addition, they have shown ability to apply different didactic methodologies, development of a professional understanding of facilitation and leadership of group processes based on democratic values.

They have facilitated the network building of the youth promoter groups and have participated and contributed into developing an ongoing network of youth trainers.

They are building during the activities a support structure for youth engagement and a network of Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education trainers, supporting youth promoters in their personal and social development and to multiply the idea of civic engagement among youth after the finalisation of the project.

The Program Elements

In 2021/2022 DARE is going to plan and implement a series of workshops and practice oriented learning experiences.

  • Kick-Off Workshop 1 for Youth Trainers in November 2021
  • Central Start Workshop for Youth Promoters with 15-20 Youth Trainers and 60 Youth Promoters in November/December 2021
  • A workshop on Basic Modules on Democracy and Inclusion – Me and Society in March/April 2022
  • Workshop: Develop Your Skills as a SSYS Youth Promoter: Practical Skills and experience from the activities of Youth Promoters in May/June 2022.
  • The workshops are accompanied by phases of online learning and coaching.

Contact Persons

Georg Pirker and Nils-Eyk Zimmermann

Cooperation Partner

The programme was developed in cooperation with the local activities of the GIZ in Timor-Leste and is supported by the GIZ.