Project SemiFit: Seminars for Intercultural Trainers in Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

SemiFit is a series of fora for experienced trainers in Human Rights Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship. It aims to create a space for experienced trainers from different fields to exchange competences (VASK: Values, Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge) and experience on the different domains of intercultural trainings.

Specific objectives to the training

  • People: Bringing together trainers from different fields,
  • Space: Designing a space of co-creation and active participation,
  • Topic: To develop and exchange competences and experiences on specific areas of training,
  • Resources: Co-Creation of tangible resources as a result of seminars’ activities,
  • Follow-up: Participants will implement what they have gained (methodology, tools and connections) in their local reality.

SemiFit as an approach

The project is prototyping as well an approach, where the involved people might engage in three roles and are connected in a specific process and spatial/methodological arrangement:

Learning Designer: An educator or trainer who has interest in sharing knowledge or having questions answered on the topic, with some experience in creating or adapting some tool or method.

Panelist: Researcher acting as speaker specialized in one of the topics included in the SemiFit space.

Documentalist: Storyteller able to narrate the story of the session and the SemiFit event and support evaluation.

Presentation of the involved roles

The Events:

WS 1 on HRE project design under E+, Almunecar (ESP), 1-6th Dec 2018

WS 2 on Citizenship Education, Werftpfuhl (GER), 30th Apr-5th May 2019

WS 3 on Blended learning: Digital and Global Citizenship, Trento (IT), October 2019

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SemiFit seminars started in 2014 with two editions in Germany, and continued with Semifits on Active Participation, Social Inclusion and Graphic Facilitation in Spain, Germany and Romania Having an average of 200 applications per seminar, feedback from partners and participants was encouraging us to shape seminars in the SemiFit style, where learning designers could collaborate better with peers.

We are following the fundamental insight, that educators, trainers, teachers, facilitators, mentors, coaches and all stakeholders related to learning design have a need of being participants again, need time for reflection and want to advance in their understanding of their work.

SemiFit is the space allowing them to fulfill these needs by networking, exchanging and creating.


Semifit Workshop 2

Ramon Martinez, Georg Pirker



SemiFiT is supported by the European Union Erasmus+ Youth In Action Programme, Project Number 2018 – 2 DE04-KA105-016879 and is coordinated by AdB