EntreComp 360: Partner Meeting in Madrid

With the full energy of an hybrid meeting where parts of a group were able to meet in presence, the EntreComp 360 project team met after a long time again in Madrid. Hosted by Innogate to Europe the coordinators of Bantani Education (BE), Materahub (IT), Not a Bad Idea (FI), The Womens Organisation (UK), DARE Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe (BE) and the project coordinator University of Iceland (IS) were planning the next steps toward the one-stop online platform, guides for specific educational contexts and online courses.

Currently, the launch of the online platform is upcoming, as well as the release of the first guides on how the EntreComp framework might become helpful in non-formal learning and youth work (led by DARE). Also the editorial teams for the next guides were already creating first content: on female entrepreneurship (led by The Womens Organisation) and assessment (led by Bantani/University of Iceland).

The participants had also the chance to participate in a network gathering in the Spanish Chamber of Commerce with inspiring exchange on entrepreneurship education and digital learning.