Card Game: Competences for Democratic Culture

Become competent in democracy! In the Competence card game, you playfully discover the competences that citizens need in a democratic and culturally diverse society: the Competences for Democratic Culture. Download the card game, print it, play it.

In Short

The card deck consists on descriptions from the Council of Europe’s Reference Framework Competences for Democratic Culture. Participants explore the comptence descriptions and apply them to real life situations:

A “storyteller” tells a story describing a life situation. The “proposer” chooses from his/her competence cards the competences which are needed in this situation. The chosen cards are mixed up with random competence cards from the other player. The “evaluators” try to identify which were the competence cards chosen by the “proposer”.

Correctly guessed cards are awarded victory points. All players play cooperatively and win together as a team once they reached the necessary amount of victory points.

More information and Download:

Find more information in DARE’s Digital Toolbox Competendo. The material is published under a Creative Commons license.


Georg Pirker – chairperson of DARE network (

Demogames Project: Game-based Learning for Democracy

The game was created in in the project Democracy and Games: Analog and Digital Game-Based-Learning Tools for Youth Work Demogames (2019-2022) by Robert Lovell, Ramon Martinez, Calin Rus, and Timea Serb. Erasmus+ project 2019-2-DE04-KA205-018330.