Publication: Learning democracy with children aged 8-12 – Vol. II: Handbook for Educators

This issue of the DARE Blue Lines compiles methodological tools for educators in citizenship education for children aged 8-12.

In a nutshell, the  project ENGAGE created modules aiming to support education providers to make a contribution in the spirit of citizenship at the local, regional, national and European levels.

The developed modules were tested by 10 to 15 teachers and educators in several schools and educational institutions in each partner country. Based on their feedbacks, we mutualised the information, adapted and modified the modules accordingly with the results collected on a European level. Not all of them will fit adequate to the needs in in each country. It needs to be seen that a similar method hits on fully different educational systems, teacher trainings, systems of initial preparations etc.

The 11 modules were each developed in a common standardised format, divided in three clusters/spheres that may allow start exploring the issues of citizenship and democracy from a perspective of the individual aiming to widen the horizon towards their universal applications, as shown in the following cluster:

  • Dimension I – Me and the Others
  • Dimension II – Society and the World
  • Dimension III – Participation in Democratic Society

In the frame of the project:


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