Publication: Learning democracy with children aged 8-12 – Vol. I

This issue of the DARE Blue Lines compiles the conceptual researches on citizenship education provisions for children aged 8-12 conducted in 6 countries.

Learning democracy with children aged 8-12 – Vol. I

The analyses try to identify common key findings and formulate concrete policy recommendations to be applied in order to advance the situation on the ground. Without going too much into detail it is surprising how similar key barriers and development needs are – regardless from the quite diverse policy back- up and set- up of CE with children aged 8-12 in the 6 countries (Chapter 1).

Each country analysis is accompanied by an empirical research based on interviews with educators and educational experts, aiming at identifying needs, findings, and introducing practice from the field of concrete educational work applied on the ground – be it in the context of schools, of non-formal education, or in the wider field of children and youth support mechanisms such as youth work and other structures (Chapter 2).

Finally this publication recommends existing educational practice, resources and materials developed on both national and European level (Chapter 3), which are worth studying.

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