Event: Entrepreneurship education and active citizenship. Let’s find common ground.

You are invited to an in-person interactive exchange facilitated by DARE network (Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe), Lifelong Learning Platform and (Bantani Education).

The event will take place on June 2nd 2022 from 16:00 to 17:45 in Mundo-Madou (Avenue des Arts 7-8, 1210 Bruxelles) | OpenStreetMap

The event will be facilitated by:

There will be opportunities to network and exchange on the synergies between entrepreneurship education and active citizenship. There will also be complimentary refreshments available on site.

In accordance with current Belgian covid-related guidelines, wearing a mask is no longer mandatory, but we encourage you to wear one.

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What to expect?

Common Ground

Active citizenship education and entrepreneurship education have a lot in common. Both We will discuss how active citizenship education and entrepreneurship education have a lot in common. Both aim to empower learners to play an active role in society and create social impact, both are based on a modern methodology that addresses experiential knowledge skills and attitudes – especially in lifelong learning.

Synergies across Differences

What about the differences? Many actors in entrepreneurship education focus on economic education. However, EntreComp provides opportunities to create economic, social or cultural value through entrepreneurship education. Civic education does not necessarily aim to create impact-oriented action or participation

There are impressive examples of what entrepreneurial education can achieve in both fields.

EntreComp and EntreComp Community

The EntreComp360 hopes to bring together individuals and organisations who will find value in the breadth of educational contexts EntreComp can provide. For this reason, we introduce the new EntreComp Community Platform and the EntreComp Guides. Above all, we are interested in your ideas and impulses. https://entrecomp.com



Nils-Eyk Zimmermann (office@dare-network.eu)

Downloads & background

The event is organised by the EntreComp360 project. To learn more about the project, please visit the project website.

The project is supported in the framework of the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission (Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education).