Publication: Translating European Values into Practice

A manual published in 2020. Available in English, German, Italian, and Polish languages.

What are European values? Do they actually still exist? We cannot take for granted that what is enshrined in the International Treaties is still valid today. The social, economic, political and cultural context has changed considerably. Therefore, we have decided to start from the beginning. And by “beginning”, we mean here and now.

The “here and now” shows us a growing sense of urgency to understand the complexity of contemporary society, to act as responsible citizens in the interest of the Common Good and to direct our efforts particularly at situations of marginality, exploitation and injury to personal dignity.

The “we” requires us to act in first person, starting from the rediscovery of the moral values that count in our daily lives, and that, therefore, guide our actions.

The manual presents educational activities aimed at young Europeans. The activities will guide us in a process of re-appropriation – also through a new definition or a new narrative – of European values, with the aim of acquiring tools to cultivate them, support them and implement them in everyday life. The materials developed aim to provide us with a more in-depth understanding of the conflicts at a value level relevant for Europe.

The publication was developed in the framework of the Project TEVIP: Transforming European Values into Practice.

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