Compendium: The future of young people’s political participation: questions, challenges and opportunities

In the framework of the EU-CoE youth partnership DARE project manager Ramon Martinez and Laden Yurttagüler were publishing the Compendium on youth participation which is available as PDF for Download at the website of the youth partnership. It is giving insights in participation as a key topic for Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education and also showing practices from across Europe.

The compendium was developed after the symposium “The future of young people’s political participation: questions, challenges and opportunities” hosted by the European Youth Centre Strasbourg in September 2019.

A deeper look on the different fields for participation is giving evidence that active citizenship education and any other education aiming to empower individuals and groups for participation should consider civil society organisations and the non-formal space as partners or learning spaces with a huge potential for the development of competencies necessary for active citizenship.

The authors conclude also acknowledging the different understandings of participation and the diversity of European youth (and their conditions for participation and empowerment):

“Hence, for an efficient promotion of youth political participation, there is a need to diversify supporting mechanismsto overcome various challenges”

Read more and download: PDF