Children’s Rights for Adult Learners

The DARE focus meeting “Children’s Rights for Adult Learners” in Brussels (January 2010) explored the strategies of children’s rights education for adults, bearing in mind that it is mainly adults who in many cases protect and enforce children’s rights. Fourteen experts representing ten European organisations gathered for a two-day exchange of best practices and discussion of policy approaches in the field.

The textbook includes country reports, case studies, a toolbox for children`s rights practitioners, and an analysis of recent policy papers like the draft “COE Framework for the Development of Teacher’s Competences on Citizenship and Human Rights Education” and the draft “UN Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training”. Comments on the latter were subsequently submitted and partly integrated into the most recent draft of the UN Declaration – a result the DARE network is particularly proud of.

Organised by

  •  DARE – Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
  • VORMEN, the Flemish Organisation for Human Rights Education

Supported by

Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission