Project: Empowering SSYS Youth Promoters and Youth Trainers in Timor-Leste

The vision behind the Timor-Leste youth policy strategy formulated in 2007 and re-formulated in 2017 is “to live in a society where young men and women have access to education, health, vocational courses, and are endowed with the moral values of citizenship for a responsible and healthy life. Under the current conditions, a weak economy and public infrastructure and relatively low expenditures for education (116 in the world), it is clear, that this vision can only be put into practice with the active contribution of the youth itself, involving as citizens, creating social capital, where economic capital is not yet available for structural funding. Involving means in this context, co-creating learning spaces for active citizenship, a peaceful and a healthy life in a self-responsible way, where youth might develop the necessary competencies important for their further development. In particular the youth has an important role to play, since East Timor is a country with a growing young population (32 of the world) and high birth rates (27 of the world; CIA The World Factbook).

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Project period: 09/19 – 06/22

Democracy places high demands on citizens. Political decisions have an impact on many different areas of life, they often affect future generations or neighboring countries and they are influenced by international and global developments. One sixth of the world’s population is young and the importance of youth participation for the future of economic, societal and political development is widely acknowledged. Democracy education enables young people to recognize and represent their interests, to participate in political processes and, in doing so, to meet their fellow human beings and their concerns with respect. The project DEMOGAMES is based on the didactic approach of game-based learning and applies it to teaching young citizens on democracy.

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Project EntreComp 360: Promoting Initiative and Engagement across Sectors

Project period: 09/2019 – 08/2022

This project is supporting actors in all sectors of the lifelong learning system to enhance the development, validation and recognition of the entrepreneurship key competence across lifelong learning. It will do this by creating the Entrepreneurship360 platform as a one-stop-shop to provide guidance, collate tools, share practice, learn through online training and connect those working onthe practical implementation of the EU framework EntreComp into learning and work.

The EntreComp Competency Framework: The Competence Dimensions
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Project: DIGIT-AL – Digital Transformation in Adult Learning for Active Citizenship

The digital transformation is challenging the European citizens in multiple ways: As employees at our workspace, as learners of all ages, or as conscious, self-responsible, and democratic citizens. Digital transformation in its effects relates to vast aspects of peoples everyday life. Therefore, the project identifies approaches, topics and tools, how to include and address the thematic field of digital transformation in adult education.

Project period: 09/2019-07/2022
Grundtvig Award 2021 (transnational project)

Download of the reader on digital transformation in education for active citizenship:
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