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Intercultural Dialogue - Challenge for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education

Vienna (Austria), 14-16 November 2008


Conference Documentation

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[pdf, 20 kb]
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pening Session

Opening Speeches
Olöf Olafsdottir, Head of Department of School and Out-of-School Education, CoE
Manfred Wirtitsch, Austrian Federal Ministery for Education, the Arts and Culture
[download, pdf, 377 kb]

Block A:

Presentations and workshops on intercultural didactics: Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human Rights Education (HRE) in a globalised wo

Workshop F1:
Teaching complex issues like the EU and globalisation in adult learning (Ragnar Müller, Ted Huddleston)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 368 kb]
Presentation Tedd Huddleston  [download, pdf, 435 kb]
Discussion Paper: Teaching Politics in a Globalized World (Ragnar Müller)  [download, pdf, 595 kb]

Workshop F2:
How to teach and learn about children’s rights using different perspectives
(Wiltrud Weidinger)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 348 kb]
Presentation  [download, pdf, 1,3 MB]

Workshop F3:
EDC/HRE – Teaching and learning through key concepts
(Rolf Gollob)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 343 kb]
Presentation  [download, pdf, 2,7 MB]

Block B:

Workshops and interactive trainings on antidiscrimination, xenophobia, gender issues, inter­cultural competences etc.

Workshop F4:
Working against homo-/transphobia without giving in to racist stereotypes (Koray Yilmaz-Günay
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 329 kb]
Orangelog Coverage: “The story of a Turkish gay from Berlin”  [download, pdf, 352 kb]

Workshop F5:
Reshaping Intercultural Learning
(Gavan Titley)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 336 kb]
Presentation  [download, pdf, 655 kb]

Workshop F6:
Strategies and tools challenging gender-based discrimination in adult education (Thomas Kugler)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 426 kb]

Workshop F7:
Intercultural competences in adult education: assessment criteria and models
(Bettina Strewe)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 341 kb]
Presentation  [download, pdf, 1 MB]

Workshop F8:
Web 2.0, social software, intercultural communication and EDC/HRE
(Wolfgang Schumann)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 355 kb]
Orangelog Coverage: “A new state of mind”  [download, pdf, 356 kb]

Workshop S1:
Intercultural Norms of “normal vs. handicapped”: Educational and professional integration
concepts (Magda Szarota)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 379 kb]

Workshop S2:
(Gabriele Wiemeyer, Vera Simic)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 342 kb]

Workshop S3:
Arguing against racist prejudices and xenophobia
(Koray Yilmaz-Günay)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 328 kb]

Workshop S4:
A taste of Theatre of the Oppressed methodologies
(Laura de Witte)
Description and Minutes  [download, pdf, 332 kb]
Orangelog Coverage: “Learning by doing: A taste of the Theatre of the Oppressed”  [download, pdf, 358 kb]

Block C


Developing a coherent policy framework for EDC/HRE in Europe: Researchers meet practitioners and policy makers from various levels

Description and Minutes
  [download, pdf, 342 kb]

Martin Eaton: “Feasibility Study on Framework Policy Documents on EDC and HRE”  [download, pdf, 578 kb]
Bruno Losito: “What we learnt from the ‘All-European Study on EDC Policies’”  [download, pdf, 334 kb]
David Kerr: “Studying Civic and Citizenship Education in the European Context
  [download, pdf, 324 kb]
Bryony Hoskins / Agnes Hubert: “A citizen's Europe: Measuring progress ...  [download, pdf, 701 kb]

Bruno Losito: “Results of the All-European Study on EDC - Gaps between policies and practices”  [download, pdf, 677 kb]
David Kerr: “Studying Civic and Citizenship Education in the European context”  [download, pdf, 776 kb]
Bryony Hoskins: “Active citizenship in a learning context”  [download, pdf, 1,5 MB]
Ramūnas Kuncaitis: “Lifelong learning for active and democratic citizenship”  [download, pdf, 601 kb]


Intercultural challenges for NGOs active in EDC/HRE. Practices, concepts and strategies for the integration of migrants and other minority representatives in the Works of EDC/HRE NGOs

Description and Minutes
  [download, pdf, 340 kb]

Bashy Quraishy: “Inter-cultural challenges for NGOs in the field of HRE/EDC  [download, pdf, 355 kb]
Michalis Kakos: “Citizenship, education and organisational identities”  [download, pdf, 421 kb]
Tanveer Parnez/Rami El Ousta: “BEMIS: Black and Ethnic Minorities in Scotland”  [download, pdf, 525 kb]
Maria Hirtenlehner: Guidelines for Intercultural Opening of Organisations  [download, pdf, 1,7 MB]
Maria Hirtenlehner: Tandem Training: Policing in a multicultural society  [download, pdf, 334 kb]

Block D

Plenary session

Bashy Quraishy: “From lip service to inter-cultural reality”  [download, pdf, 417 kb]
Alexander Pollak: “Reflections on Human Rights Education and Intercultural  Dialogue”  [download, pdf, 543 kb]
Ramūnas Kuncaitis: “Grundtvig mobility and learning partnerships actions”  [download, pdf, 698 kb]

Participants’ Evaluation  [download, pdf, 1 MB]

Aontas Magazine, Orangelog, Pictures)  [download, pdf, 1,7 MB]



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