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How to become a DARE member

 Why become a member of DARE

  • creating a European platform for Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human Rights Education (HRE)

  • networking and cooperation of EDC/HRE practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers beyond project oriented approach

  • lobbying for visibility, recognition, and adequate resources to sustain the future of education for democracy and human rights in Europe

The benefits of DARE membership are many, irrespective of the organisation’s size, namely:

  • Membership of the only Europe-wide network of over fifty organizations focused exclusively on promoting EDC/HRE in Europe.

  • Sharing of resources, good practices and lessons learned with over 250 EDC/HRE practitioners during DARE networking and training events.

  • Membership of a European network that is recognised by the Council of Europe as a NGO counterpart in EDC/HRE and is member of the Fundamental Rights Agency Platform as well as has NGO consultative status with the Council of Europe on from 2012 (pending).

  • Membership of the European Civil Society Platform in Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL), the platform of European educational networks directly cooperating with the EC DG EAC.

  • Access to information from the highest political levels in Europe.

  • Opportunity to disseminate information through e-DARE (quarterly), the DARE blog and DARE website, which reach thousands of stakeholders and donors interested in EDC/HRE in Europe.

  • Opportunities to submit joint funding proposals with other DARE members to European funding programs.

  • Possibility to disseminate information about activities through the EDC/HRE Days.

  • Possibilities of joint partnership programs among network members.

  • Access for all staff members of the member organisation to courses offered through the DARE e-Academy.

 How to become a member of DARE

Read the criteria for membership and fill in the organisation profile [pdf, doc]. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Then send your profile together with your organisation's annual report of the last year or a working plan for the current year via e-mail, fax or common mail to the DARE office:

DARE Office, Georg Pirker
c/o Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungssttätten
Mühlendamm 3
10178 Berlin, Germany
Tel.: 00-49-30-400 401 17
Fax: 00-49-30-400 401 22

After receiving all information DARE's board will soon have a vote to accept your organisation as prospective member and inform you on the vote.

On DARE's annual General Assembly the members take the final decision on your membership.

The membership fee depends on the size of the organisation's annual budget:
100 € (annual budget < 50.000 €)
250 € (annual budget 50.000 - 250.000 €)
750 € (annual budget > 250.000 €)

 Criteria for Membership

1) An organisation which works in the field of EDC and HRE. This must be backed up by evidence of educational practice undertaken in the field.

2) First preference to NGOs (non-profit organisations) with registration as appropriate in the country of origin.

3) Prospective members will be expected to agree to the Constitution [pdf] and the Antwerp Declaration and to act accordingly.

4) Prospective members will be expected to pay the annual subscription for the first year (100,00 € irrespective of the size of the annual budget) on demand.

5) Prospective members are required to send their annual report for the previous year and new organisations are required to send a work plan for at least the coming year.

6) Prospective members are expected to play an active role in the DARE Network.

DARE member organizations


Zentrum polis - Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools

ETC Graz (European Training and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy)

Democracy Centre Vienna



Mediel aisbl.


Partners Bulgaria Foundation

Българска мрежа за обучение по човешки права - Bulgarian Network for Human Rights Education

EYNCRIN - European Yoth Network for Creativity and Innovations


Mali Korak- Center for Culture of Peace and Non Violence


CNTI (Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute)

Kıbrıslı Türk İnsan Hakları Vakfı - Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation

Czech Rep.

Mulktikulturní Centrum Praha




Jaan Tõnisson Institute





frtxilad, bavshvebia! - The Child´s Crossroad


Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten (AdB)

Sonnenberg-Kreis e.V.
Internationales Haus Sonnenberg

Pharos e.V.

Humanity in Action Deutschland e.V.

Internationaler Bund

MitOst e.V.


University of the Peloponnese - Department of Social and Education Policy


ONG Scuola Strumento di Pace - E I P Italia


Izglītības attīstības centrs (IAC) (Education Development Centre)


Pilietinių iniciatyvų centras (Centre of Civic Initiatives)


Terra-1530 (publication ADEVARUL )


Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)


Norwegian Helsinki Committee





EUROED Association

Friendship Ambassadors Association, Targoviste

Intercultural Institute Timisoara


Fundación Educativa y Asistencial Cives

United Kingdom

BEMIS (Black & Ethnic Minorities Infrastructure in Scotland)

Citizenship Foundation

UCL - International Centre for Education for Democratic Citizenship




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