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The publication strategy of DARE is based on diverse pillars.

As a European network we aim to steadily involve a broad target group in the communication process to create a sense of European citizenship based on understanding and respect for human rights and democracy, and encouraging tolerance and respect for other peoples and cultures in line with the goals of the lifelong learning programme.

As a network of educative NGOs the focus is mainly set on the exchange of knowledge in issues relevant for educational purposes.

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 DARE Blue Lines  is a series of print journals (also for download). It links research and educational practice in Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights and sets a thematic focus on relevant themes for adult learning.

The DARE Blue Lines in this regard is a unique dissemination and discussion instrument for projects and research from all over Europe.

Between 2008 and 2010 nine issues of the DARE Blue Lines were released by the DARE network, compiling contributions from almost 100 authors. All DARE Blue Lines compilations are free of charge and can be downloaded for further use.

 eDARE  newsletters inform more than 600 subscribers from all over Europe regularly on current developments in EDC/HRE on both national and European level. It is a platform for dissemination of calls, project results, best practises, funding opportunities and other relevant information in the field.

In the period covered by the EU Grundtvig funding 14 issues of eDARE were published reporting on 157 diverse issues connected to Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights (see eDARE Archive). Since Mid of 2009 e-DARE is further connected to the DARE Blog.

Issues of eDARE during project period:

» eDARE 12/2010    » eDARE 09/2010

» eDARE 06/2010    » eDARE 02/2010

» eDARE 12/2009    » eDARE 10/2009

» eDARE 06/2009    » eDARE 02/2009

» eDARE 12/2008    » eDARE 09/2008

» eDARE 06/2008    » eDARE 03/2008

» eDARE 01/2008

 The DARE Blog  (http://dare-network.blogspot.com) facilitates an ongoing exchange of expertise on the various levels of EDC/HRE work in Europe. It is so far the only resource on the web that contains up-to-date-information on all ongoing activities in relevant spheres for EDC/HRE in adult learning: research, NGO practice, developments on the political level (EU and member states).

Integrated into the DARE website www.dare-network.eu the Blog aims to be a visual platform for organisations to collaborate, exchange knowledge and practice, develop further cooperation and support NGOs and adult educators with a European dimension in their work.

Since its launch on March 20, 2008 the Blog has had 19.637 visitors (March 20, 2010). DARE's website www.dare-network.eu attracts on average more than 1.000 visitors and 6.000 hits monthly.

Other publication activities remain to the work of the project partners in their respective national, regional, local environment – be it in form of oral dissemination on the workplace, be it in form of articles in relevant journals etc.


 DARE Blue Lines Series


“A Europe of Active Citizens. Assesment, Policy Responses and Recommendations on Active Citizenship Education", Summary Report of the International Conference in Budapest, November 2010
» download, pdf, 784 kb

“Active Citizenship Education as Guiding Principle for Lifelong Learning”, Policy Recommendations developed at the Vilnius Focus Meeting, July 2010
» download, pdf, 226 kb

“Assessment Strategies in Non-Formal EDC/HRE”, Policy Recommendations developed at the Vilnius Focus Meeting, July 2010
» download, pdf, 307 kb

Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion in Europe through EDC/HRE in Adult Learning, Complete Glasgow Conference Documentation
» download, pdf, 1,2 MB

Children's Rights for Adult Learners, Brussels Focus Meeting Documentation
» download, pdf, 1,5 MB

Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion through EDC/HRE, Policy Recommendations developed at the Glasgow Conference, March 2010
»  download, pdf, 140 kb

Fundraising Strategies for European Initiatives in the Field of EDC/HRE, Copenhagen Focus Meeting Documentation
» download, pdf, 1,1 MB

Methodologies of Human Rights Education, Training Documentation (International House Sonnenberg, 2009)
» download, pdf, 2,6 MB

Pathways interconnecting History Education and Democratic Citizenship/HRE in Adult Learning, Complete Berlin Conference Documentation
» download, pdf, 3,7 MB

Understanding the Mechanisms of 1989 in Europe - a Simulation on Regime Change. Complete Manual with Actor Cards and Facilitators Package
» download, pdf, 850 kb

DARE Presentation to CULT Commission of the European Parliament, April 2, 2009, Frank Elbers
» download, pdf, 67 kb

"Intercultural Dialogue", Policy Statement developed at the Vienna Conference
» download, pdf, 46 kb

Intercultural Dialogue - Challenge for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education, Complete Vienna Conference Documentation
» download, pdf, 1,1 MB (text version)
» download, pdf, 14,5 MB

DARE Synchronised Action Days 2008, Activity Reports,
» download, pdf, 1,2 MB

DARE Manuals 2008
» download, pdf, 460 kb

Teaching Politics in a Globalized World, DARE Discussion Paper, Ragnar Müller
» download, pdf, 770 kb

DARE: summary (flyer)
» download, pdf, 532 kb



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