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 Policy Recommendations / Advocacy

DARE´s advocacy initiatives link the expertise of DARE´s members from the NGO level back to the diverse levels of policy making - and vice versa. This is a core task on the DARE network agenda.

Between 2008 and 2010 the DARE partners used several channels to exchange views and communicate their recommendations to European policy makers on different levels.

 Statement on intercultural dialogue

At the conference “Intercultural Dialogue – a challenge for EDC/HRE” various high profile panels of researchers, policy makers and NGO practitioners discussed the issue of developing a coherent policy frame for EDC/HRE in Europe.

The key recommendation towards the EU political levels was to mainstream intercultural education beyond the European year 2008 as it remains a core question for the future of all European societies and corresponds with major future political decisions: migration, aging, social wellbeing and economic competitiveness: Policy Recommendations on Intercultural Dialogue (see also DARE Blog).

 Policy recommendations towards the European
 Parliament on EDC/HRE in Europe

On April 2, 2010 DARE was invited for an exchange of views with the EAC committee of the European Parliament by Ms Doris Pack (now chair of the EAC committee in the EP).

DARE recommendations to the EP contained an urgent call to support the Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education - a framework policy for European states on how to equip citizens with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for life in democratic societies, to support research on impact assessment of non-formal EDC/HRE work in adult learning et al. (see DARE Blog).

 Policy recommendations on Combating Poverty
 and Social Exclusion

At the DARE conference “Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion through Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights in Adult Learning” the interrelation of social exclusion, social cohesion, and EDC/HRE was fundamentally discussed. Subsequently,
policy recommendations were published and send to stakeholders on national and European levels.

They contained an urgent call to the European political levels to critically rethink the vocationalisation of civic education in adult learning. Furthermore they emphasized the importance of EDC/HRE in adult learning for a cohesive Europe (more recommendations on the DARE blog).

 Policy recommendations on Active Citizenship

The DARE Focus Meeting “Citizenship Reloaded: The Demand for `Active Citizenship´ in Europe and its Implications for Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE)" in Vilnius/Lithuania, July 1-3, 2010, developed two policy recommendations:

“Active Citizenship Education as Guiding Principle for Lifelong Learning”, download, pdf, 226 kb

“Assessment Strategies in Non-Formal EDC/HRE”,  download, pdf, 307 kb


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Throughout 2009-2010, DARE´s activities and recommendations were presented on workshops to the wider audience on several conferences:


Conference: "Active Citizenship in Europe", 29-30th September 2009 in Gothenburg, SWE (kick off event of the Swedish Presidency, co-organised by EAEA and Swedish Folkbildningsförbundet) (see here).

Forum on Human Rights Education with Young People, 14-18th October 2009, European Youth Centre Budapest, organised by COE Directorate of Youth and Sport (see here).

Conference: "The Impact of Cultural and Citizenship Education on Social Cohesion", 3-5th December 2009 in Vilnius, LIT, organised by NECE – Networking European Citizenship Education – Network (see here and DARE Blog).


Conference: "GRUNDTVIG – A Decade of European Innovation in Adult Learning", 26-28th January 2010, Brussels, organised by the EC DG EAC (see here and DARE Blog).

Conference: "Learning and Living Democracy for All", 15-16th April 2010, Strasbourg, organised by the COE DG IV Education and Languages (see here).

GRUNDTVIG Tenth Anniversary Conference, Copenhagen, 22-24 September 2010 "European Cooperation in Adult Learning – Shaping the Future" (see here).

Conference "A Europe of Active Citizens", 11 November 2010, Budapest, organised by Active Citizenship Foundation, Hungary in partnership with DARE (see here).


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