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Sonnenberg-Kreis e.V.
Internationales Haus Sonnenberg

The Sonnenberg-Kreis e.V. is an independent non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting international and intercultural understanding. Its conference centre, the International House Sonnenberg, receives thousands of visitors every year from all over the world, at events for adults, young people and families.

The centre also runs educational-leave seminars for adults on educational and social themes. Conferences focus on human rights, peace, solidarity, and social responsibility. With the help of public subsidies participants of different national, ethnic-cultural and social origins and of different ideological background discuss cultural and social issues, the economy and the environment, work and leisure, present-day political as well as historical questions.

Sonnenberg´s work is characterised by a great variety of participant-orientated methods. Sonnenberg is not only a conference centre but also an association of alumni members from all over the world. About 900 members belong to the Sonnenberg-Kreis e.V. in Germany. Affiliated associations in 25 countries form the International Sonnenberg Association e.V. (ISA) provide another 1.600 members.






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