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Pharos e.V.

Pharos is a charitable non-profit organization with two general aims:

  • we want to relief distress of people living in poverty (humanitarian projects),

  • we are implementing educational projects for democracy learning and peace education with a focus on Southeast Europe (education projects).

The work of Pharos is based on the conviction that long-term education projects contribute to foster democratic, tolerant and peaceful attitudes. Thereby the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” provides the basis for our actions.

First objective of the association is promotion of education. This is realized mainly by

  • developing, conducting and fostering of education, democratization and cultural projects worldwide or by acting as responsible body for such projects. Mainly, these are

  • projects in the field of civic, democracy and peace education (development and dissemination of teaching material, training of disseminators, youth exchange projects, conferences - see www.dadalos.org).

Second objective of the association are charitable purposes. These are realized mainly by

  • humanitarian aid,

  • supporting needy people,

  • conducting projects in the field of struggle against poverty (i.e. aid consignments).





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