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Partners Bulgaria Foundation

Partners Bulgaria Foundation (PBF) is an independent NGO. PBF's mission is to facilitate the process for democratic development in Bulgaria by supporting institutions, NGOs and specialists to improve policies and practices in areas like judicial law, social care, child protection, education, economic development and ecology.

The organisation works to improve the dialogue between the citizen body, the government and the business sector, while encouraging various underrepresented organisations, groups and ethnic communities to participate in the decision-making processes. PBF works toward achieving its goals through the following activities:

  • research, analysis, evaluation and recommendation for change in policies concerning socially marginalised groups (including ethnic minorities, children without parental care, children and youths at risk, under-aged offenders and others)

  • education on themes like effective communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, mediation, civic education, leadership, organisational development, group consensus and others

  • mediation as aid for individual people, groups and organisations in conflict resolution

  • cooperative planning, facilitating meetings and public discussions as well as decision-making processes. PBF also aids in creating initiatives for conflict resolution on a local level

  • campaigning for public awareness toward issues of common importance






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