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IUC-Europe is a non-profit, non partisan organisation, whose goal is to further international understanding and communication based upon the current European integration process in order to create networking within this region and in dialogue with Europe.

IUC-Europe is partly funded by the Danish Ministry of Education, with its main office in Svendborg and a local office in Copenhagen. IUC works with Danish and international long-term projects in the fields of teaching/learning, (political) education, citizenship and integration, employment and study trips.

IUC is Denmark's only Europe House and founding member of EUNET (European Network for Education and Training). Also IUC is a member of a number of international networks, including The Model European Parliament Baltic Sea Region organisation, where we act as administrative coordinator for 9 countries.

A core activity is our work with young people, originating in Youth 2002, one of Europe's biggest youth projects with 1000 European participants from 33 countries, who came to Denmark to write a youth constitution.

A number of projects - Youth 2003, The Vision 5 Team, Europe4You, Youth 2005, Brandbjerg Waves of Democracy e.g. - have continued this line of work focusing on educating young Europeans to become youth ambassadors.

We take our starting-point in the common Nordic values: equality, trust, low power distance, flexibility, sustainability and a non-authoritative approach to teaching/learning but in close cooperation, dialogue and development with partners/colleagues/organisations all over Europe and in the the USA.






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