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ONG Scuola Strumento di Pace - E I P Italia

The World Association of School as an Instrument of Peace (E.I.P) carries out its activities in the field of Human Rights, peace and citizenship education. Founded in Geneva on 1967, it actively works in 40 countries in the world.

The Italian independent Section, EIP Italia “Associazione Scuola Strumento di Pace”, was founded in 1972, it represents a consultant of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Observatory on Human Rights at school and in civil society (UNO- FAO network in Italy).

It’s legally recognized by the Ministry of Education as a Training Organization. It is also permanent consultant in steering committee of the Council of Europe on Education for Democratic Citizenship.

EIP Italia organizes teachers training activities, curriculum strategies, methodologies and content, as well as specific actions contributing to the development of attitudes, skills and knowledge for the enhancement of Human Rights, fundamental freedoms and non-violent conflict resolution.

Its activities are also focused on tutoring schools networks in formal and informal education on projects about peace, human rights, democratic citizenship, environmental protection, intercultural and minority groups, playing a very active role against racism, intolerance and violence.

In the framework of its training programmes – addressed to adults, teachers, headmasters, trainers as well as young people (through the peer education methodology) – EIP Italia presses many handbooks and manuals for HRE/EDC.






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