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Active Citizenship Foundation

The Active Citizenship Foundation is an independent non profit organisation established in 2007. We would like to contribute to the situation when Hungarians look at themselves as ones, who are willing and able to cooperate in the development of an open, cohesive and democratic society which in effect is also the basis for an economic development.

We are convinced that the prerequisites of a democratic and active citizenship are such knowledge, such a skill and such an attitude, that does not develop automatically but needs to be learned. The Active Citizenship Foundation aims to actively participate in this democracy learning.

In the area of networking and policy work, we believe that education for active citizenship is an important issue around Europe, and globally as well. The last couple of years, there have been wide political governmental discussions to underline this in many European countries, such as Great Britain, Belgium, Ireland and Austria. While in Hungary, the various governmental steps taken in this case have not resulted in any extensive political changes, and there is no widespread dialogue about this issue at all.

If the main goals of our foundation is to create a professional network for education for active citizenship, where the common goal and main activities will be the cooperation, the situation evaluation and the exchange of experiences between the different areas of specialities, as well as the drafting of a common agenda.

With the gathering and processing of documents of the international organizations such as the UN, European Union and the Council of Europe, and with the joint cooperation of the professional community, we wish to work out national strategy and policy recommendations. We also consider it important to monitor international policy recommendations as well as the realization of trends.






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