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Jaan Tõnisson Institute

The mission of the Jaan Tõnisson Institute (JTI) is to promote forming and strengthening civil society in Estonia. Since the beginning of its activities JTI has considered education to be one of the key issues in that process.

For introducing and teaching the ideas of democracy at school, the Institute created an independent Civics Programme in 1993. The main goal of the Programme was to support the compulsory school teachers in teaching about the basics of Democracy in the classrooms.

The importance of teaching Civics in a transition society like Estonia was fully recognised by the State in 1996, when Civics was incorporated into the Estonian National Curriculum as an independent and compulsory school subject.

In 1996, the Civics Programme was developed into an independent substructure of the Jaan Tõnisson Institute: Civic Education Centre (CEC).

During the years we have broadened dealing with Democracy Education also in other spheres of society than education. We have established partnership relations with plenty of partners in Estonia and abroad.

Today there are various areas of activities for the CEC related to civics mainstreaming. The activities of the Centre are diverse, including research, in-service training courses, developing teaching materials, publishing, consulting, providing expertise etc.

In 1999, UNESCO Secretary General Mr Frederico Mayor and Estonian Minister of Culture Ms Signe Kivi signed a declaration about establishing an UNESCO Chair in Civic Education and Multicultural Studies at the CEC.






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