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Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten (AdB)

The Association of German Educational Organisations (AdB) was founded in 1959 as a registered association. We are an association made up of approximately 170 continuing education centres throughout Germany with various profiles - youth education centres, adult education centres, academies, Europe centres, educational centres of party-related foundations and international encounter centres. As a whole these independent educational organisations represent a wide spectrum of various training offers as well as organisational structures.

We are a pluralistic, content-independent association that offers to its members comprehensive information on the association and civic education, concrete assistance and a forum for international exchange on the basis of its non-partisan expertise and wide spectrum of subjects covered. We are supported by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.

We aim to preserve and promote civic education as an important element of democracy. Democracy is not only a form of government, but needs to be experienced and promulgated in the daily lives of citizens. Civic education is a training field for democracy.

Through their training offers, the member organisations of the association strive to motivate and enable citizens to recognize the relationship between political framework conditions and their own lives, play an active role in public affairs and participate in the making of society and political processes. The member organisations see themselves as places of encounter between people of different cultures, demographic groups and worlds.

As a specialised organisation of civic education we foster an exchange of information and experience, training and a joint representation of interests in the area of civic education. We actively contribute to specialised discussions on civic education. We advocate a European Educational Network for Human Rights and Democracy and commit ourselves to the realisation of equal opportunities between men and women in all our fields of work.





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