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“Tackling poverty with Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights in Adult Learning” launched the European Year 2010 for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion from the NGO perspective. More than 170 participants from NGO, research and policy making levels gathered in the city of Glasgow (March 3-5, 2010) for sound exchange and discussions.

Conference Documentation


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: The copyrights to the reports and presentations in this conference documentation are owned by the respective authors


Foreword  [download, pdf, 59 kb]


Tackling Poverty and Social Exclusion in Europe through Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education in Adult Learning - David Martin (Member of the European Parliament, Committees on International Trade and Human Rights)
[download, pdf, 65 kb]

Building Partnerships for Citizenship and Human Rights Education - Yulia Pererva (Council of Europe, Division on Citizenship and Human Rights Education)
[download, pdf, 64 kb]

Social Exclusion – a Fundamental Rights Agency Perspective - Frederic Banson (Fundamental Rights Agency)
[download, pdf, 63 kb]

Poverty and Social Exclusion in the European Union: An Introduction - Gabriella Patriziano (Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo, Italy)
[download, pdf, 92 kb]

PART 2: Effects of Poverty and Social Exclusion on EDC/HRE: Scottish Case Studies and the Relevance of Community-Based Initiatives

Challenging Poverty and Social Exclusion in Housing - Najimee Parveen (PATH Scotland)
[download, pdf, 80 kb]

Refugees and Poverty - John Wilkes (Scottish Refugee Council)
[download, pdf, 93 kb]

The Role of Informal Training and Education in Anti-Poverty Advocacy Work: Linking Fundamental Rights and Poverty Eradication - Robin Tennant and Twimukye Mushaka (Poverty Alliance Scotland)
[download, pdf, 63 kb]

PART 3: Effects of Poverty and Social Exclusion on EDC/HRE: Reports and Best Practices from NINE European Countries

Social Inclusion Efforts of Local Authorities: Vocational Training Courses of the Local Government of Istanbul - Ihsan Ikizer (Leuven University / VORMEN, Belgium)
[download, pdf, 104 kb]

Tackling Social Exclusion by Promoting Active Participation of Young People from Southern Italy: VIS - Non-Formal ‘School’ of Global Education - Gabriella Patriziano (Volontariato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo, Italy)
[download, pdf, 101 kb]

Case Study Slovenia: The CoE Compass on Human Rights Education and the Roma Minority - Alenka Elena Begant (EIP Slovenia)
[download, pdf, 82 kb]

The UNESCO Study on Shared Values among Young People in Estonia: Effects on Civic Education - Sulev Valdmaa (Jan Tönisson Institute, Estonia)
[download, pdf, 85 kb]

Education, Health Issues and Social Exclusion: Legal Consulting for Persons with Drug Abuse Problems - Erika Matuzaite (Center for Civic Initiatives, Lithuania)
[download, pdf, 71 kb]

Without Protection on the Street: Mask Theatre with Homeless People - Angelika Heinich (EuropaHaus Aurich, Germany)
[download, pdf, 87 kb]

Education for Diversity: Religious Diversity and an Anti-Discrimination Handbook - Tsvetoslav Nikolov (Partners Bulgaria Foundation, Bulgaria)
[download, pdf, 82 kb]

The Young Muslim Leadership Network Project - Naqeeb Ahmed and Tony Breslin (Citizenship Foundation, Young Muslim Leadership Network, United Kingdom)
[download, pdf, 61 kb]

Developing a Voice for the Non-Formal Adult Education Sector: A Case Study of the AONTAS Community Education Network - Niamh O`Reilly (AONTAS Ireland)
[download, pdf, 83 kb]


Recommendations for Policy Makers and NGO Practitioners
[download, pdf, 61 kb]



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