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e-DARE: Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
published by the DARE network, edited by Dr. Ragnar Mueller (d@dalos)
issue 2014-06 (December 21st, 2014)

Letter from the Board

Dear readers of e-DARE, dear colleagues in EDC/HRE

looking back on this year we face the return of war in Europe, the refugee drama in the Mediterranean region, the return of far-right populism and right-wing radicalism in Europe. All issues are closely linked to our mission of democratic citizenship and human rights education. We mourn the tragic death of our board member Elena Begant. She has left two young children and we look back to a moving hour of commemoration at DARE's General Assembly. On this occasion several members took the initiative to start developing ideas to include Elena's devotion to EDC/HRE in further DARE activities.

DARE faces serious challenges: for the second year in a row, we have more members leaving the network than joining in. The reason is mostly of financial nature as budgetary cuts on the national level also affect the European dimension of their work. On the other hand, the members become more active and want to take more initiative, which is highly welcome. We are indeed happy to welcome two new member organizations in DARE, the
Intercultural Institute Timisoara (already a long term partner of DARE) and Dinamo from Sintra Portugal who already is leading several projects where DARE is involved.

DARE is currently part of 3 projects devoted to EDC/HRE work in Europe thus being in a better financial situation than in the years before, so there is a potential for strategic development of single fields of DARE's work.

Project No 1 “We Stand for Human Rights!”, an international long-term project promoted by our new Portuguese member
Dínamo aims to mainstream HRE at national level by meaningfully enlarging the range of stakeholders and promoting more cooperation of academia and civil society organizations. It answers the needs for a more holistic approach to HRE and a more structured advocacy network in this field. It comes as follow-up of several Dínamo projects, as well as of the relevant cooperation between Dínamo and the Council of Europe (CoE). The project will act in the field of competences development, educational tool transferring, dissemination of results and advocacy-making, and the results will reflect all these project’s dimensions. The activities target educators and NGO directly and the multiplying actions address young people with fewer opportunities. The advocacy process target different stakeholders including the Portuguese Ministery of Education. The transversal partnership reflects the complexity of the project, contributing for its success. DARE and the Norwegian Human Rights Academy are reflection partners of the project conducted on the Portuguese level.

Project  No 2
EDC for ALL – Qualifying and mainstreaming Education for Democratic Citizenship within Europe”, also led by Dinamo, works on three dimensions: First on the transfer of CoE educational material to the Portuguese and German educational context, second on the development of low threshold entries for young people who are not sure about their access to EDC/HRE. Thus two game packs have been developed and are currently in test phase. The third dimension is the creation of an educational youth centre in the community of Sintra, Portugal. For its establishment two feasibility visits to the CoE youth centres and to AdB educational youth centres in Germany have successfully been conducted.

Project No 3 “ ENGAGE” is a European strategic partnership and is about stock taking EDC in practice with children aged 8-12 and accordingly developing educational materials. Several members of DARE (and DARE as well) are partners in the consortium. This project will last for 2 years and offers the opportunity to pilot the field of EDC with this age group in a European context.

For the first time we hosted an intern at DARE who helped us establishing our own online learning platform, where we will offer several courses in the coming months. As always contributions, knowledge and expertise from the members are highly appreciated.

Looking forward to 2015 we already can announce the conference
“Roads to Democracy – How can history education pave the way” of our member Euroclio. This conference is devoted to elaborately investigate the close interlinked fields of EDC and History Education (20-25 April Elsinore, Denkmark). And we can already announce the dates for DARE's General Assembly and Annual Conference which will take place from 17-19 June in Oslo/Norway. A separate call for partners will be distributed among DARE members soon as we plan to apply for co-financing in the Erasmus+ program.

Last but not least we want to take the opportunity to thank all our partners and the people who helped us doing our work, especially those people at EUCIS-LLL, at the CoE and at NECE!

Best regards on behalf of the Board

Georg Pirker
Secretary of the DARE Network

Calls for Application and Participation

Roads to Democracy. How can History Education pave the Way? Euroclio annual conference 2015 in Denmark
What does democracy mean today and what will it mean for those who are now attending schools? When we consider the impact of the near-collapse of Europe’s financial system in recent years, where do we start to teach for democracy? When we consider military interventions, how does Europe’s history reflect on this? When democracy is more than ‘the vote’, what mindset should students across Europe and beyond develop. How could history contribute to this?...

IX World Assembly of the International Council for Adult Education, June 11-14, 2015
We are writing to secure your participation and support for the IX World Assembly of the International Council for Adult Education that will take place in Montreal, from June 11 to 14, 2015. As you know ICAE meets every four years to review the successes and challenges affecting adult learning and education, to share good practice and to identify strategic priorities, locally, regionally and globally for the next four years...

EU Issues

New European Commission: "Citizenship" is now placed under "Justice and Home Affairs"
"Last but not least, I have decided to place Citizenship under the responsibility of Dimitris Avramopoulos Commissioner in charge of Migration and Home Affairs – issues, very close to the heart of Europe's citizens – who will work in close cooperation on this matter with Justice and Consumers Commissioner Vera Jourova. I wish at the same time to reiterate my confidence and trust in Tibor Navracsics who performed excellently in his hearing and demonstrated a strong European commitment – which is why you considered him qualified as Commissioner." (Quote from Juncker's speech in Strasbourg on Oct 22)...

Publications and Downloads

Inserom project - improving the knowledge of Roma people of their civic and social rights
In everyday life, whether in the media, in social relations, in political speeches, we can see that Roma are often victims of violence and various discriminations: their access to health services, education, employment, housing, etc., is limited. Roma themselves are frequently not aware of their rights and this lack of knowledge has negative consequences...


DARE Workshop at NECE Conference
DARE conducted a workshop at the NECE Conference in Vienna yesterday dealing with the topic "Peace Education and Reconciliation Work as Twin Fields of Citizenship Education". There is a short summary in the NECE Conference Blog...


Hidden cameras against human rights abuses
In a TED Talk, Oren Yakobovich speaks about his organization, Videre, which helps everyday people use hidden cameras to film dangerous situations of violence, political fraud and abuse. Videre uncovers, verifies and publicizes human rights abuses that the world needs to witness...

TACSO: Social Media Video Tutorials
Based on feedback from Civil Society Organisations, TACSO (= Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organisations) created a series of videos in order to familiarise and explain social media to these organisations. The first one is about "Using Facebook for Advocacy":..

Turkey: Judges receive 'supplemary education on human rights' through film screenings
The Constitutional Court has recently started hosting human rights-themed movie screenings in the Turkish capital Ankara, the Hürriyet Daily News has learned. The screenings are open to all professional judges. They are designed to give “supplementary education on human rights” and allow judges to assess the state of human rights in comparative law, as well as to follow the human rights situation in Turkey and the world...

The ramparts of Warsaw 1943-44
1st August 1944. Nearly two months after the Allies land in Normandy, the young people of Poland rise up in Warsaw to free themselves from the Nazi yoke. Betrayed by Stalin who is encamped, weapons at hand, on the far bank of the Vistula, the Polish Resistance one of the strongest in Europe with its Home Army the Armia Krajowa faces the world’s most powerful army alone...

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