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e-DARE: Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
published by the DARE network, edited by Dr. Ragnar Mueller (d@dalos)
issue 2014-04 (July 29th, 2014)

Letter from the Board

Dear readers of e-DARE, dear colleagues in EDC/HRE

After the tragic death of our board member Elena Begant it is still difficult to come back to every day working issues. Nevertheless we go on with DARE activities and want to provide you with up to date information on recent and upcoming activities.

Our board member Lillian Hjorth participated in the Sevilla conference on the removal of EDC/HRE from the Spanish curriculum in June and presented DARE's point of view on the topic of EDC/HRE reality in other countries, most of all in formal education for school pupils: is EDC/HRE taught at school? Is it done the right way? How about informal education?

The DARE TOI project group had its second meeting in the “EDC for All” project in Sintra/Portugal (3-6 July) and developed a new series of EDC games, which aim to develop an easy entry to educationally work on difficult issues in society. As soon as the game outlines are finished a series of tests will be conducted with non-formal educational experts.

Now on future perspectives: In September/October DARE will have a job shadower from Spain, who will conduct several researches among the members in order to prepare a new series of online after-lunch hangouts on EDC/HRE issues.

Upcoming important events for DARE are the CoE international contact group meeting on 7/8 October and the EC Education, Training and Youth stakeholders forum in Brussels 9-10 October.

From 16-18 November we are again proud to be part of the 2014 NECE conference in Vienna. We cordially invite you to join DARE's annual Assembly on 16th and attend the conference and workshops on EDC/HRE topics! Please make use of this unique sharing and networking opportunity! DARE members get special conditions for travel and accommodation costs.

Best regards on behalf of the Board

Georg Pirker
Secretary of the DARE Network

EU Issues

Get European integration/immigration news in German and many other European languages - short and up to date!
The European Website on Integration (EWSI) is a unique source of information on immigrant integration, with daily news from all across Europe...

Calls for Application and Participation

EUROCLIO: Teaching 1815. Rethinking Waterloo from Multiple Perspectives Braine L’alleud, Belgium |4-8 February 2015
Apply and be a part of an original and high-profile event that marks a defining moment in European history: 2015 will mark the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, a milestone in Europe’s 19th-century history that marks the end of a series of wars that opposed Napoleonic France and different coalitions between 1792 and 1815. The seminar will act as a source of inspiration for educators to reflect on dynamics and practices of teaching and learning about conflicts and cooperation in Europe throughout the 19th and the 20th century. Registration is open until 1 September 2014...

Call for applications 'Prejudice, Genocide, Remembrance' Summer School (Budapest, 25-29 August 2014)
Budapest, 25 – 29 August 2014

The Tom Lantos Institute (Budapest), the Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Education and Psychology (Budapest), and CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe (Brussels) are organizing a European Summer School, on “Prejudice, Genocide, Remembrance” for civil servants, educators, journalists, and civil society representatives...

Call for participants: Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative - July 30 – August 4th, 2014 - Krakow/Auschwitz
Remember the past, act in the present, and change the future! Come and join the “Roma Genocide Remembrance Initiative”! Marking the 70th anniversary of the remembrance day of the Roma Genocide on August 2, we gather 1.000 young Roma and non-Roma from all over the world. This is a unique and outstanding event that gives 1.000 young people and youth organizations the opportunity to come together in a social forum, to exchange experiences and to debate about the past, present and future...

Publications and Downloads

Internet Policy and Governance for Human Rights Defenders
Global Partners Digital has just released the first issue of a new series called "Travel Guide to the Digital World" dealing with "Internet Policy and Governance for Human Rights Defenders"...


NECE Conference 16-18 October 2014 in Vienna - Online registration!
1914-2014: Lessons from History? Citizenship Education and Conflict Management
We would like to invite you to participate in our Networking European Citizenship Education - Conference (NECE) on 16-18 October in Vienna (Austria). One hundred years after the start of the First World War, that 'great seminal catastrophe of the 20th century' (George F. Kennan), the NECE initiative is organising its annual conference in Vienna. At the focus of the conference will be the current crises and conflicts inside and outside Europe...


Donors and Grant-makers condemn Hungary's actions against human rights donors and local human rights NGOs
"We, as donor organisations committed to human rights and democratic values, would like to raise our voice in solidarity and to show our concern at recent events that appear to threaten the independence of Hungarian NGOs. Serious allegations made by government actors against well-established, respected Hungarian human rights and civil liberties NGOs raise serious doubts about the commitment of the Hungarian government to its obligations as a democratic government and a member of the European Union...

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