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e-DARE: Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
published by the DARE network, edited by Dr. Ragnar Mueller (d@dalos)
issue 2013-05 (Dec. 14th, 2013)

Letter from the Board

Dear readers of e-DARE,

this year is slowly coming to an end and we want to give a short notice on our activities. On the occasion of DARE's General Assembly a new DARE Board was elected. For the next two years, the new Board consists of Ms Lillian Hiorth (Menneskeretigetsakademiet, Norway; secretary), Ms Elena Begant (Center for Citizenship Education, Slovenia, vice chair), Mr Frank Elbers (Human Rights Education Associates, the Netherlands, chair) and Mr Sulev Valdmaa (Jan Tonisson Institute, treasurer).

One of the results of the Assembly in Rome is that the new Board got the task to issue a new document, reviewing DARE's Antwerp declaration thus to take stock on EDC/HRE ten years after DARE's founding meeting in 2003. In addition to that, the results of DARE's survey on EDC/HRE were introduced, which will be published soon on the blog. DARE also welcomed two new member organizations at the Assembly: Fundación Cives (Spain) and the Department of Social and Education Policy at the University of the Peloponnese(Greece).

On December 4th, Georg Pirker was invited to contribute on behalf of DARE to a roundtable in the European parliament on the issue of “Making the Case for European Citizenship Education” in order to discuss the challenges and efforts for enhanced Citizenship Education (see talking points) with representatives of EC, COE and civil society organizations. The roundtable was organized by EUCIS-LLL as key event in this year's Lifelong learning week at the EP. Again we can only thank the staff at the EUCIS office for their real good work!

On December 9th, former Board member and DARE chair Daniela Kolarova was invited to the Coordination Group for the European Year for Citizens 2013 within the European Economic and Social Committee to speak on behalf of DARE on the lessons learned from the European Year of Citizenship (see her short report on the blog). Both invitations offered an opportunity to make an urgent case for a holistic approach on EDC/HRE in European policies. There are worrying news regarding the removal of EDC/HRE from curricula in Spain, Ireland etc.

Throughout these last days of the year the first calls for the new EU Program ERASMUS + will be launched (see details on the blog). This program combines the 2007-2013 Lifelong Learning and Youth in Action program. It sets out the frame for cross-sectoral as well as sectoral cooperation in three activity schemes targeted on 1) mobility, 2) cooperation for innovation and exchange of practice, as well as 3) political reforms. Without going too much into detail and avoiding to complain on employability, the boost and increase of the overall budget will definitely also allow for sound cooperation in the field of EDC/HRE. We recommend our members highly to start as early as possible to investigate the future requirements as the programs will result in more impact on the participating organizations than the 2007-2013 programs did. First application deadlines for proposals will be in mid of March and end of April 2014, so it is time to get ready for consortia and projects!

The next year's DARE Spring Academy will be an online webinar on the issue of the future EU funding programs (ERASMUS+ et al. as instruments for EDC/HRE). It will be organized in a series of webinars/lectures in the first week of February. DARE members will get an invitation via e-mail at the beginning of next year.

We wish you all the best for the remaining days of this year and a happy new year!

Georg Pirker
Secretary of the DARE Network

EU Issues

The new EU Program Call and Guide on ERASMUS+ is out
The European Commission has released key Erasmus+ documents on this new webpage. There, you can find many useful resources and in particular the legal basis as well as the general Erasmus+ call for proposals. The programme guide has also been released where all details on eligibility criteria, deadlines, funding, etc. can be found...

Call for Applications

Funding opportunities 2014 - Foundation EVZ
Funding opportunity for international school and youth projects between Germany and the countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe as well as Israel offered by the Foundation “Remembrance Responsibility and Future” (EVZ)...

New funding programme for remembrance of forced labour and forgotten victims - remembrance of national socialist injustice - Foundation EVZ
The programme funds primarily international projects with participation of German partners that explore forced labour under National Socialism in exhibitions, documentations, film documentaries and other formats and contribute to anchoring the subject permanently in the European culture of remembrance...

Publications and Downloads

New Report: Citizen Schools
The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), a UK think tank, published the report: "Citizen Schools: Learning to rebuild democracy". According to IPPR, "a 'Citizen School' is a school that explicitly creates a democratic culture through its role as a civic institution." The report can be downloaded on this website...


"Making the Case for European Civic Education" - Georg Pirker reports on the DARE talking points at the EP roundtable on 4th DEC 2013
DARE points reflecting the state of citizenship education in Europe at the End of European Year of Citizenship 2013.
We welcomed the European Year of Citizenship as an opportunity to bring back the issue of Citizenship Education on the European Agenda – DARE has been founded from NGOs to bring this issue on the Agenda 10 years ago! Nevertheless at the end of the EYC we fear the year was a missed opportunity to start to tackle the rising democratic and social challenges Europe and the European Union faces...

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