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e-DARE: Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
published by the
DARE network, edited by Dr. Ragnar Mueller (d@dalos)
issue 2013-03 (June 5th, 2013)

Letter from the Board

Dear readers of e-DARE,

we want to encourage you to support the Spanish NGO memorandum to the Council of Europe regarding the current Spanish governments attempts to remove EDC/HRE from school curricula.

Further we are proud to announce the new issue of the DARE BLUE LINES, a result from the successful DARE Spring Academy 2013 held in Maribor.

From the side of negotiations on the content and shape of the EU's new lifelong learning program there is currently no bigger news, as the negotiations between European Parliament, European Commission and the Council of Ministers go on.

The European Civil Society Platform in Lifelong Learning EUCIS-LLL devoted its annual conference on the issue of “Re-thinking Learning: Transversal Competences in the Spotlight” (see the European Commissions´ proposal for a new educational strategy), where DARE held a well attended workshop on Active Citizenship in Education and Training – the missing links. The participants of the conference unanimously agreed that the initiative from the Commission with its sole focus on employability and formal education misses the chance to foster an integral educational approach which would remove barriers between different sectors and fields of education – instead it focuses strictly on formal education. At the conference Prof. Alistair Ross from London Metropolitan University gave a very inspiring keynote on “A critical approach to “Rethinking Education” and the need to develop citizenship skills”(see conference documentation) where he developed an alternative for the economic based skills approach followed by the current European Commission.

DARE in its 10th year of existence will hold its General Assembly on 18/19 November 2013 at Sacro Cuore close to Termini Station in Rome/Italy. The meeting will combine the GA (incl. board elections) with a future perspectives planning workshop. DARE members and those who want to become members are cordially invited to arrange their travel as soon as possible in order to save travel costs. Therefore, please contact the secretary pirker@adb.de.

Enjoy reading!

For the DARE board

Georg Pirker

EU Issues

Rethinking Education
Library of the European Parliament posted a very helpful posting about EU Education Policy: "In order to reduce the potential amount of information on a subject like “rethinking education” to a manageable size and to highlight the issues at stake, the Commission’s November ’12 Communication (Procedure 2013/2041 (INI)) has been analysed. Key points have been identified as well as the key documents that accompany the Communication"...

Calls for Application and Participation

Certificate of Advanced Studies in Human Rights Education at University of Teacher Education Central Switzerland (Luzern, January-December 2014)
Next Start January 2014-
Human rights are the fundament of a peaceful coexistence of a society. But only when women and men know about their human rights, they can claim them for themselves and – in solidarity – for others (“empowerment“). Human rights education is taking place in different contexts (formal, non-formal,…). The CAS Human Rights Education aims to qualify the participants for a role as trainer and multiplier of human rights education for their specific context. The participants will achieve an internationally recognized Certificate of Advanced Studies PHZ in Human Rights Education...

Call for Applications: Shaping Europe - Civic Education in Action
A scholarship program for professionals active in Citizenship Education from Central and Southeastern Europe - closing date for applications: June 16th, 2013.
The German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb) and the Robert Bosch Stiftung are awarding 16 scholarships to active professionals from Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Turkey. Applicants should be people at the beginning of their professional careers who wish to be active internationally. The organizers expect applicants to already be actively promoting democracy and social responsibility in their own countries and to be engaged in civic education...


The EU Citizenship Report 2013 is out!
In its 2013 EU Citizenship Report, the Commission is putting forward twelve new actions in six key areas to further remove obstacles standing in the way of citizens’ enjoyment of their EU right. They contain the need to remove obstacles for workers, students and trainees in the EU, protecting the more vulnerable in the EU, participating in the democratic life in the EU. The small publication is published in the framework of the European Year of Citizens 2013...

Innovative Approaches to Overcome Discrimination of Vulnerable Groups - new issue of DARE BLUE LINES out
A new issue of the DARE BLUE LINES has been released. Titled "Innovative Approaches to Overcome Discrimination of Vulnerable Groups”, the brochure documents presentations, inputs and discussions from the 2013 DARE Spring Academy...

Conference report on the impact of the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education online
The conference aimed to take stock of the results achieved since 2010 and to discuss the challenges faced by the States Party to the European Cultural Convention in the implementation of the Charter, with a view to plan future strategies in this area, and to assess the support measures needed from the side of the Council of Europe and other international institutions. Prof Audrey Osler wrote the official report of the conference which
you can download on the webpage of the European Wergeland Centre...

We Make Europe - Active Citizenship and Lifelong Learning
EUCIS-LLL - the European Platform of Civil Society Organisations in Lifelonge Learning - has just published the second edition of its LLL-Mag on “We Make Europe, Active Citizenship and Lifelong Learning”. This magazine captures some of the sparks of civic engagement and aims to contribute to the debates taking place in the context of the European Year of Citizens 2013. It contains various interviews, sums up research, introduces practice examples from inside and outside the classroom, introduces specific projects -
get the Mag free for download here...


Conference: Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education - London, 28 June 2013
Our 7th annual international conference responds to the UN General Assembly’s Declaration on Human Rights Education and Training (UNDHRET) of 19 December 2011 as well as the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education (2010). Our conference is a meeting place for academics, including master’s and doctoral students, education policymakers and practitioners, and civil society activists from across Europe and the wider world. Conference Website:

Report from the 6th Fundamental Rights Platform Meeting
About 200 civil society organisations from across the EU, came together in Vienna for the
6th Fundamental Rights Platform meeting on April 25-26. This annual meeting is organized by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. This year's focus was non-discrimination and hate crime...


Grundtvig Project Meeting in Sofia – Exploring best practices to counteract anti-Roma racism in Bulgaria
Participants from six European NGOs, including two members of DARE Network, met in Sofia from May 21-23 to explore best practices to counteract anti-Roma racism in Bulgaria. The meeting was hosted by the Minority Studies Society Studii Romani...

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