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e-DARE: Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
published by the DARE network, edited by Dr. Ragnar Mueller (d@dalos)
issue 2012-03 (November 12, 2012)

Letter from the Board

Dear readers of e-DARE,

autumn is speeding up our work as usual: DARE has held its general assembly in Rome as well as its focus meeting on the “Effect of the Crisis on NGOs”. Members reported unanimously about their initiatives to maintain quality-EDC/HRE work as core task especially when public funding steps back. New media step in as a means to maintain core educational work, foundations and other forms of associations are established to regroup central working tasks and, as a worrying side-effect, all over Europe we face the fact that NGOs fulfill more and more of their core tasks voluntarily.

One of the results is a huge brain drain civil society organization face as they have to undertake more and more projects. They steadily qualify people in projects and cannot offer them sustainable job perspectives. This also makes networking more and more complicated, as transnational cooperation takes time and requires expertise.

The financial consolidation in combination with the pilot focus of most of the projects largely affects the whole field of marginalized groups in Europe. We face the boom of expert agencies that deliver and run projects targeted on marginalized groups, while the marginalized groups themselves are kept as objects of the projects and do not have the means to develop capacity for their own sustainability in learning. Does this make sense?

At the focus meeting DARE members stated they are convinced that all of the developments result in a raising need to intensify networking in order to maintain quality of EDC/HRE in Europe. This is what DARE stands for and steps in: education is a public good worth struggling for; DARE has its strength as independent European NGO and is committed to communicate these developments to the wider public and to facilitate the networking on eye-level among NGOs.

An important way to communicate the EDC/HRE work being undertaken by NGOs are the EDC/HRE Action days 2012: you are invited to participate and invest 5 minutes by filling in the
e-Form for the Action days! The map with the action days is displayed on DARE’s web and will be distributed to stakeholders all over Europe on Human Rights Day.

DARE members will contribute with activities to the upcoming NECE conference “Participation now!” in Cordoba (21-24.October 2012). See you there at the Open Forum on “Young People Re-Inventing Democracy” presented by Elia Petridou, from the DARE member Future World Centre (Cyprus) on 24th or at the workshop “Intercultural Learning on Human Rights and Citizenship Education” moderated by DARE board member Gabriella Patriziano from VIS/Italy on 23rd.

DARE will also actively contribute to the Council of Europe’s EDC/HRE Charter assessment conference on “Human Rights and Democracy in Action – Looking Ahead” in Strasbourg (29-30 November 2012). You can meet me there...

Enjoy reading!

Georg Pirker
Secretary of the DARE network

Calls for Application

Europeans for Peace
The new call for application is out now! Are you about to plan or do you already have an international project partnership with a school or a non-school organisation in the countries of Central, Eastern, and South Eastern Europe or Israel? Then apply now with your project idea for funding. Until January 1st, 2013, project outlines can be submitted…

UNDEF seventh round of funding CFP
UNDEF opens its annual window for project proposals for its Seventh Round of Funding on 15 November 2012, following the green light given by the UNDEF Advisory Board on 1 November (pictured). Project proposals may be submitted on-line between 15 November and 31 December at ww.un.org/democracyfund

Learning Resources

Becoming a Human Rights Friendly School
Amnesty International has launched a new resource in connection with its Human Rights Friendly Schools project. Adopting a whole-school approach, the project aims to empower young people and promote the active participation of all members of the school community to integrate human rights values and principles into key areas of school life. Based on lessons learned from the project pilot phase from 2009-2011, Amnesty is pleased to announce the release of a new resource: “Becoming a Human Rights Friendly School: A guide for schools around the world” (download)

Argumentation Toolkit for Transgender Inclusion
Download your free copy of "…And Others! - Argumentation Training for Transgender Inclusion in Europe"! This publication aims to empower trans* activists and allies working for trans* equality, rights and inclusion…

Online Learning Center for Migration and Human Rights
The Learning Center, newly founded by Network Migration in Europe, provides online services for school teachers and for extra-curricular teaching to explore different approaches to dealing with refugees and migrants in 20th and 21st century Europe. The Learning Center aims to introduce issues of migrant and refugee protection to politics and history courses while promoting innovative teaching methods for student-centered learning. It provides elaborate learning modules for group work, which are adjustable to the teacher's particular curricular objectives and the students' level of secondary education. The Online Learning Center can be accessed via: http://migrationeducation.de/33.0.html

EU Issues

EU: MFF 2014-2020 current state of affairs
The European Parliaments CULT Committee discussed the amendments made to MEP Doris Pack report suggested by EP colleagues for the new ERASMUS FOR ALL program. The CULT Commitee suggests a new name for the program: "YES Europe" which stands for Youth, Education, Sport. Important is that there is a separate chapter for youth included, as well as a separate budget line…

EU-Call for Proposals LLP 2013: Bank Guarantees
At the DARE GA 2011 several members indicated they have difficulties in receiving tha bank guarantees required for the applications under the Lifelong Learning Call for Proposals. The DARE board asked the European Commission in a letter for advise how to handle this problem. The Head of the Grundtvig Unit Ms Dana Carmen Bachmann, replied to our questions as follows…


New book: "Activating Human Rights and Peace"
An interesting read for all of us who work in the field of HRE:
Goh Bee Chen, Baden Offord and Rob Garbutt (eds.), Activating Human Rights and Peace: Theories, Practices and Contexts, Ashgate, June 2012.
A book review by Kristen Perry can be found on
EUROPP: "Human rights needs to be recognised as more than a buzz phrase, it is grounded in our everyday experiences"…

NEW EUROCLIO - Report on History and Citizenship Education in the Middle East and North Africa
A new Special Report (Issue 7) entitled "History and Citizenship Education in the Middle East and North Africa" has been published by EUROCLIO, within the Mediterranean Dialogues programme which focuses on the promotion of responsible and innovative history education in North Africa and the Middle East…

Conferences and Events

EDC/HRE Action Days 2012
DARE organizes the EDC/HRE Action DAYS 2012. Submit your activities by 15 November 2012 via the online-form and lobby for Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education on the European Level! CLICK HERE for the online-form

Lifelong Learning Week 2012
The aim of Lifelong Learning Week, organised for the first time in 2011 by EUCIS-LLL, is to raise awareness on the social dimension of education and training, as the important factor to reach the headline targets of Europe 2020 in this field…


Lobbying for EDC/HRE: Your Allies on the national level
At DARE’s General Assembly 2012 the members agreed to intensify their lobby work for EDC/HRE on the national level. It seems necessary to follow more integrated approaches. In DARE’s perspective the Council of Europe EDC-Coordinators network is very important…

Nasrin Sotoudeh and Jafar Panahi – winners of the 2012 Sakharov Prize
Two Iranian activists, lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and film director Jafar Panahi, are this year's joint winners of the European Parliament Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. They were chosen by president Martin Schulz and political group leaders on Friday 26 October…

"It´s Green to Talk" - Young People demand Europe listen to their voices on climate change
HUNDREDS of green teens are working with a London MEP to transform the way Europe deals with climate change. Green party member Jean Lambert is backing a special manifesto, written by young people from across Europe and Africa, to demand MEPs listen to their voices. The move is the culmination of a 2 year international project - Make the Link: Climate ExChange – backed by Plan UK and the Citizenship Foundation…

'A Path to Dignity' screened at Europe's largest human rights conference
HREA organised a showing of the new documentary film "A Path to Dignity: The Power of Human Rights Education" at the annual Human Dimension Implementation Meeting in Warsaw organised by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)…

European Union Anti-Trafficking Day - 18 October
The OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, called for new approaches in the fight against the growing problem of modern-day slavery on the occasion of the European Union Anti-Trafficking Day on 18 October…

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