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e-DARE: Democracy and
Human Rights Education

published by the DARE Network
August 2012

Dear readers of e-DARE,

On behalf of the DARE board I have to apolog
ise that you have not received e-DARE during the past months. We have been discussing the information policy of DARE for quite a long time and took the decision to instead of publishing e-DARE quarterly in a newsletter format, from now on you will receive highlights from the DARE blog monthly, in order to give better and up to date information on the various developments that affect the work of EDC/HRE.

Connected to this, the DARE blog has been slightly reorgani
sed. On the right bar you now find a FOLLOW function: by adding your email you will get instant mail updates on every new post to the DARE blog. Also as a new blog feature you can find up to date information on current EU Lifelong learning calls relevant for EDC/HRE in the feed section on the right bar.

A NEWS section gives you short entries on current media debates relevant for Citizenship Education, Human Rights Education and Civic Education. We hope thus to improve services towards DARE’s members and also to the interested EDC/HRE community, that profits from DARE’s services.

We want to encourage DARE members to post their contributions, calls and relevant information to the blog: “Sharing is caring”! Especially in these times of cutbacks and downturn NGOs need to be aware that networking helps and advances all our organizations!

We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to comments and further collaborations!
Georg Pirker, Secretary of the DARE network


DARE European Focus Meeting (and GA) "The Effects and Challenges of the Economical Crisis on NGO´s, Rome 8th-9th October 2012

DARE’s European Focus Meeting “The Effects and Challenges of the Economical Crisis on NGOs” will be held in Rome on 8-9 October 2012. It aims to open the floor for the search of new, alternative ways of financing our activities, for maintaining sustainability of existing good practices, for securing HRE/EDC presence European-wide also in forthcoming challenging years …

NECE Conference “Participation Now! Citizenship Education and Democracy in Times of Change”, 21-24 November 2012, Córdoba (Spain)

The DARE network invites you to this year’s NECE (= Networking European Citizenship Education) conference “Participation now!” (21-24 November 2012 in Cordoba, Spain). The conference will focus on current concepts of democracy and participation in the face of worldwide processes of change in politics, society and economy …more

Apply for the COE EDC/HRE Charter Evaluation conference!

The COE Youth directorate launched a call for applications for the Conference “Human rights and democracy in action – Looking ahead” which will take place in Strasbourg, 29-30 November 2012. The conference will take stock of the progress achieved, gather main stakeholders and give guidance for the action of the Council of Europe in human rights education. The Conference will be instrumental in shaping the work of the Council of Europe in human rights and citizenship education in the next years …more

CFA open! Workshop: European Regime Changes, Berlin, 3-9 Feb 2013

Call for Applications for the workshop “European transitions from dictatorship to democracy in the late 1980s”, Berlin, 3-9 February 2013. The workshop is open to adult applicants of all ages and educational backgrounds with a permanent residency in one of the 27 EU member states, plus Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey. Application deadline is Oct 15, 2012 …more

Citizenship Foundation: Call for partners in the Youth in Action programme

The EC has launched two calls for proposals under the “Youth in Action” programme. The first call aims at encouraging “Innovation and Equality”. The second one, “Youth Support Systems” aims at supporting partnerships with regional or local public bodies or other stakeholders active in the youth sector at European level in order to develop projects over the long-term which combine various measures of the “Youth in Action” programme. Citizenship Foundation is looking to form international partnerships and would be interested in joining proposals of any DARE members and beyond. Any info would be useful …more

Social Competence - E-Learning - Human Rights Education

A new study dealing with the question if social competences can be taught via e-learning has just been published. Human rights education is used as example: Sandra Reitz: Improving Social Competence via E-Learning? The Example of Human Rights Education, Frankfurt/Main et al. 2012.

Your contribution and participation needed to further EDC/HRE

Two years ago, the Council of Europe adopted the Charter on education for democratic citizenship and human rights education, marking a turning point for human rights educators and defenders in Europe and beyond.
Now the COE Youth department launched a survey among non-governmental partners (youth organizations, human rights organizations, student associations, parents and teachers associations, etc.) to gather their input on the impact of the Charter in these past years and to have a basis to evaluate the ways to go further …more



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