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More than 30 educators from 12 European countries met for the DARE Conference "Pathways Interconnecting History Education and Democratic Citizenship Education / Human Rights Education in Adult Learning" in Berlin on May 28-30, 2009. The event was held in conjunction with the Geschichtsforum 09, one of the major German events commemorating the transitions of 1989 (see also DARE blog).

Conference Documentation


Complete Conference Documentation [pdf, 81 pages, 3,7 MB]  » DOWNLOAD

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: The copyrights to the reports and presentations in this conference documentation are owned by the respective authors


Introduction [download, pdf, 81 kb]


“Methodologies of using history as a tool for conciliation (across time, across groups) by stressing multiperspectivity, inclusion, critical thinking and comparison” - Dagmar Kusa (Euroclio - The European Association of History Educators)
[download, pdf, 309 kb]

“Gender in Peacebuilding: History, Memory and Conflict Dynamics” - Marina Grasse and Dana Jirouš, Andrea Zemskov-Züge (OWEN e.V. Mobile Academy for Gender Democracy and Peace Development)
[download, pdf, 111 kb]

“Memory, European Identity and the Year 1989” - Prof. Dr. Eckart D. Stratenschulte (European Academy Berlin)
[download, pdf, 121 kb]

“European Memory of ´1989´ – The Challenge for Civic Education” - Prof. Dr. Bodo von Borries (University of Hamburg)
[download, pdf, 186 kb]

Country Reports / Good Practices

“Teaching the history of Romanian communism in high schools: problems and suggestions” - Andrei Muraru (Institute for the Investigation of Communist Crimes in Romania)
[download, pdf, 124 kb]

“Interconnecting History Education and Democratic Citizenship Education / Human Rights Education: Good Practices from the United Kingdom / Scotland” - Tanveer Parnez (Black and Ethnic Minorities Infrastructure in Scotland)
[download, pdf, 82 kb]

“The Slovenian case: 1989 and its role for EDC/HRE in adult education” - Alenka Elena Begant (EIP Slovenia – School for Peace)
[download, pdf, 122 kb]


Workshop: “Remembering for the future: Gender as a topic of history and remembrance” - Danijela Cenan, Dana Jirouš, Inga Luther, Anna Trautwein (OWEN e.V. Mobile Academy for Gender Democracy and Peace Development)
[download, pdf, 88 kb]

Training: “Understanding the mechanisms of 89 – a simulation on regime change for use in youth and adult education” - Marta Kozlowska, Wilhelmina Welsch (Humanity in Action Deutschland e.V. / Fundacija Humanity in Action Polska)
[download, pdf, 118 kb]

MEDIA COVERAGE  [download, pdf, 1,6 MB]

PICTURE GALLERY  [download, pdf, 309 kb]

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