Project SemiFit: Seminars for Intercultural Trainers in Human Rights Education

SemiFit is a series of fora for experienced trainers in Human Rights Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship. It aims to create a space for experienced trainers from different fields to exchange competences (VASK: Values, Attitudes, Skills, Knowledge) and experience on the different domains of intercultural trainings.

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Is Youth Work in Europe challenged by populist movements, by post-truth and by radicalisation?

STEPS – Survival Toolkit for EDC in Postfactual Societies – first project workshop

The first meeting of the STEPS project took place from 08.-11.June 2017 at the youth educational centre wannseeForum, Berlin.
26 youth workers who are actively working on EDC/HRE with young people in 16 countries met in order to develop a common frame and understanding of what we name as populist challenge to EDC/HRE.
All over Europe we face the rise of so- called populist/national movements who promote a view on the world which can be characterized as white- supremacy, racist- ideology driven and is heavily contesting any views on society which build on a positive vision of inclusive, diverse, peaceful and HR embracing societies in Europe.
In some countries these ideas are already governmental reality: the comrades Orban, Kaczyński and their adepts actively undermining any ideas and work that develop pluralist based view on society with a EU that is rather helpless in counteracting, in a lot of countries with parties and movements already in power positions on the regional and local levels.

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Democracy and Human Rights In Adult Learning (Grundtvig network 2003-2006)

The DARE network was successfully established by support of the EU Socrates program as GRUNDTVIG network from 2003-2006.

The fund enabled the participating organisations for developing common working groups on policy and for the exchange of pedagogical concepts with the ambition to support the European cooperation of Adult learning organisations in EDC/HRE work and foster the dialogue on European policy development for the sector.

During 2005 the European NECE conference was organised in Berlin with DARE as partner.